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Vacuum Tubular Furnace Common Problem Solutions

Source:Shanghai Jvjing Precision Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  Author:ijian  Date:2016-11-04

1.There is no display on digital meter when connect power.

Possible reason: fuse is broken in control circuit FU1 

Exclusion solution: check if there is short circuit, if no, replace fuse

2.Instrument normal output, OUT Indicator light is not flashing.

Possible reason: there may be problem of main circuit  

Exclusion solution: 

1) If it can heat, replace Indicator light

2) If it can’t heat, check if heating elements are short circuit

3)If it can’t heat, check if SCR is broken

3.SV on indicator display ORAL alternativly.

Possible reason: thermal couple is broken

Exclusion solution: replace thermal couple


4.SV on indicator display HIAL alternativly.

Possible reason:temperature of furnace body exceeds upper limit, furnace starts self-protection

Exclusion solution: wait for the temperature decrease to safe temperature range, it will be normal(check over-heat reason)


5.Normal power supply, but furnace doesn’t work.

Possible reason: parameters is changed 

Exclusion solution: correct to right parameters 


6.Normal power supply and heating elements, but furnace doesn’t heat.

Possible reason: control circuit is broken

Exclusion solution: ask for help from professional person

7.Temperature is different between indicator and inside furnace.

Possible reason: detective point and sample placed point is different, or physical difference of heating elements, it is normal.

Exclusion solution: put sample on the right position, or call professional person.

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